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Staying Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Healthy-What to do: PART 2

When it comes to motivation, the trick is to keep your head in the game. Oftentimes this means that you have to avoid naysayers and instead surround yourself with those who are 100% supportive of your goals. Tell your family and friends about your plan to lose weight so they are on board and they are aware of any lifestyle changes that come along with your goals. The people that you love will most likely be your biggest cheerleaders which will certainly lift you up and keep you moving forward when you find that your motivation is starting to fade. If you think they will sabotage you, keep it your secret and remember your mission has a big commission.  Keep a smile on your face.


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Staying Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Healthy-What to do: PART 1

While we usually know that losing a few pounds will do us some good, it’s not always easy staying motivated during what can be a long weight loss process. Sometimes we start out being focused and excited about our journey ahead, but like most things in life, the motivation tends to dwindle over time. In order to keep that motivation going strong it helps to be crystal clear about your goals. Grab a pen and paper write down what you hope to accomplish and why you hope to accomplish it. Find a photo of yourself with the weight goal you would like to achieve, make it your phone screen saver, tape it to your bathroom mirror or put it in your wallet. If health is your main concern, write down some of your health woes that have resulted from weight gain. Then refresh your memory every single day by reading through the list so you stay on track. By being honest and up front, you are setting yourself up for a positive outcome.



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4th of July BBQ Recipes You'll Love

We are officially in the heart of summer, which means that it’s time for some light and refreshing recipes that go well with your waistline and the warmer months. Here are a few that you can incorporate during that inevitable 4th of July BBQ…


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Does Eating Less Make Your Stomach Shrink?

There is a good chance that you’ve heard someone talking about their stomach shrinking after they’ve slashed calories. It’s an old and false belief that your stomach will shrink because of eating less. Yes, the stomach has powerful capabilities when it comes to expanding when you eat a massive meal and thanks to its elasticity, it can go back to normal size not long after that massive meal is consumed. But, contrary to what some believe, it will not get smaller from decreasing your caloric intake. This is because your body was designed to take in enough calories to ensure that it runs properly, even during times when food is scarce, and your intake is less. Unfortunately, when you feed your stomach less, it does not shrink, and lessen your desire for food. Truth be told, our bodies crave food more when we cut back on the calories, because it starts to think that we are starving and responds by triggering our appetite. Meanwhile, when you eat too little, your metabolic rate and body temperature slows down to save that much needed energy.


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Five Ways to Control Food Cravings

Food cravings are one of the biggest challenges that we face when it comes to losing weight but believe it or not there are a few techniques that aid in helping you tackle the cravings. Here are five rules that have proven to work for those who are attacking those weight loss goals. 

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5 Rules About Eating Out to Keep You Healty

Eating at restaurants can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to your weight loss goals, although there is no need to hide under a rock. It is good to go out and socialize, which usually involves meeting up with pals at a restaurant. Have something healthy to eat before you go out, so that you are more focused on the company than the food. The bread basket will not phase you. You can pick something clean and simple for you your meal, forget about the sauces they are loaded with sugar, flour and cornstarch. Instead use, salt, pepper, garlic, onions, oregano and other seasonings to make the food taste great. Here are five rules for maintaining your health and limiting your calories when you eat out:


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