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How To Know If You Are Taking The Right Vitamins


If you’ve been in a drug store lately and dare set foot in the vitamin aisle, you’ve likely left feeling incredibly confused. Packaging boasting of more energy, better sleep and overall health, are some of the many promises that this plethora of over-the-counter vitamins promise you. For a little peace of mind, we decided to clear a few things up about what vitamins not to take, and more importantly, how to know.


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What is the thyroid responsible for and how does it affect weight loss/gain.

The thyroid seems to come up in conversations regularly, and there is good reason for that, as it is responsible for secreting the hormones that regulate growth and development in the body. Defined as the large ductless gland in the neck, the thyroid regulates through the rate of metabolism in the body. While scientists aren’t 100% sure about the relationship between metabolism, hormones, and weight changes, they have proven that the purpose of these hormones are to regulate your body’s metabolism, which can ultimately lead to weight gain or loss. Let’s start out by breaking down the two major types of thyroid issues.


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What Is The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

We’ve heard a lot about probiotics and the many health benefits that come along with their regular use. Now it’s time to dive into prebiotics. What are they? How are they different from the famous probiotic and where can we find them? Since the names make it confusing enough, it’s important to note that they are both very different.


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