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Losing weight with the Ion Therapy Weight Loss Method

“At the age of thirty-seven, I was fat, and since the age of thirty-eight, I have never been fat again. That's the whole idea of effective weight loss - it's permanent because it's a part of your lifestyle and the way you think about yourself, with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The goal you achieve is your own - you own it.”

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What Happens During an Ion Therapy Foot Bath?

Many people are curious about what ion therapy is and how it can help them. While there are many benefits to the types of foot baths you can perform on your own, ion therapy foot baths are different. They use special equipment and a mineral mixture to pull toxins from the body while you relax.

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How Does An Ion Therapy Foot Bath Work?

Detoxifying the body is extremely important for good health. We are constantly being exposed to contaminants and toxins from almost every action we take. The more contaminants and toxins we take into our bodies, the more sluggish they become. The liver and kidneys are constantly filtering them out of the bloodstream, but what about the toxins and debris that remain lodged in the tissues throughout the body? One of the most effective ways to remove the toxins from the tissues is through an ion therapy foot bath.

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Health Conditions Treated With Ion Therapy

Negative ion therapy is well known for its detoxifying benefits. By flushing toxins and contaminants from the body, it opens up the blood cells to carry additional oxygen and nutrients to the millions of cells in the body. The detoxifying effect goes far beyond just eliminating wastes. It also helps to address other health issues that can cause the metabolism and other bodily functions to slow down and become much less efficient.

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What Are The Benefits Of Ion Therapy?

Ion therapy offers many benefits in the way of removing contaminants and impurities that enter the body through everyday activities and exposure to the world around us. We are constantly being exposed to toxins within the environment. Toxins can be either natural or synthetic. Materials that are used to make fabric, furniture, clothing, and many other household items can release compounds into the air that we inhale or absorb through our skin. While we think of these substances as harmless, repeated exposure can eventually lead to unsafe levels in the bloodstream.

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Ion Therapy For Weight Loss - How Does It Work?

Ion therapy for weight loss is nothing new. One of the best things to do before embarking on a weight loss journey is to clear away the gunk and debris that the body has collected over time. Once the debris has been removed, the body can function more efficiently and actually absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs to thrive. When it comes to weight loss, carrying around a lot of excess junk within the body can slow down the process. Ion therapy helps to fine tune the process by removing the things that can slow down a person's metabolism and cause them to feel sluggish.

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