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Is It Time to Put You First? Part 2

In Health Tips, mental health, sleep

Is It Time to Put You First?

If you’re like most people, you feel compelled to say yes to nearly everyone and everything. While this “yes behavior” seems like it would make you feel good about yourself, it actually does quite the opposite. When we feel like we have to say yes to everything, we zap our energy and end up feeling resentment for the people and activities that we said yes to, when we really wanted to say no. A lot of this behavior stems from the fact that the majority of us are major people pleasers and we fear ruffling anyone’s feathers. Here are a few tips for putting yourself first and avoiding the people-pleasing trap.


In Health Tips, mental health, sleep

How to Fight Empty Nest Syndrome: Back to School

The summer months are jam-packed with activities, and if you have children, then chances are you are hustling from one thing to the next. And then, as soon as the end of August rolls around, the little ones are off to school, leaving you in a quiet house free of chaos for most of the day. After three months of spending quality time with your kids and grand-kids, it can make you feel like you have a case of empty nest syndrome once they head off to school and are immersed in a multitude of sports and activities. Here are some helpful tips for adjusting to the schedule change, and you just might find that some ‘me-time’ is just what you needed.



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