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Building Confidence In Your 60's: Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed a few ways that are sure to boost your confidence, regardless of how old you are. Well, it turns out that we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve and we aren’t going to let you be anything but bold and confident every day, so here are a few more tips to get you on a fearless path to self-assurance.

Rid your vocabulary of the word “can’t.” If you’re a parent, then you’ve likely found yourself lecturing your child on the word “can’t,” did you ever think about giving yourself that same advice? This negative self-talk needs to be stopped as soon as it hits your lips, so instead of saying that you can’t do something, replace it with, “you can, you will get, and you are good enough.” A positive mindset goes a long way for building your confidence.

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Building Confidence In Your 60's

Confidence is something that needs to be worked on every single day, and it’s not just limited to something that you learn in your younger years. In fact, confidence is similar to our muscles, and the more we use it the stronger we become. Not only does confidence allow us to engage in activities that we never thought possible, it also puts a halt to that game of second-guessing that we have a tendency to do, and it serves as a tool to manage our fears.

Here are a few tips for boosting your confidence regardless of what age you are…

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Why Learn Something New Everyday?

We’ve all heard the age-old saying “You learn something new every single day.” Whether it is true or not, it is proven that learning something new each day will benefit you in a multitude of ways. Here are a few reasons why it is good to expand your mind and commit to adding something new to your box of know-how’s every single day.


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