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The Importance of Breathing While Stretching: Part 1

We get a lot of lectures on why stretching is important. There are tutorials on the daily stretches that we must do if we want to keep our bodies moving smoothly, but there is a whole other ingredient that needs to be added to your stretching routine and that ingredient is “breath.” If you really want to get the most out of your stretching routine, the secret is to breathe deeply while you elongate your muscles. There is a lot of research that sides with the fact that deep breathing associated with stretching helps increase circulation which relaxes the body and allows for less buildup of lactic acid.

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Tips For Post-Surgery Success: Part 2

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of being prepared for your surgery and made sure to give you tips on things to do prior to the big day. In this post, we are going to discuss a topic that seldom gets talked about…Post Surgery Depression. While many doctors fail to warn patients about the risk of post-surgery depression, it is something that you need to know as it can happen in all patients, whether the surgery was big or small.


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Tips For Post-Surgery Success

Like all things in life, the best thing you can do for success, is to be prepared. This proves to be true for anything from making a meal to prepping for surgery. With 2019 right around the corner, you may have a big surgery scheduled, and we want to share some tips on how to be both mentally and physically prepped whether you are dealing with the most basic to the most extreme surgery around.



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What is Set Point Weight

Counting calories is amongst the biggest myth when it comes to succeeding at weight loss. Instead of focusing on the math involved in your caloric intake, it’s best to take a long, hard look at your set point weight, which is technically the ten-pound range that your body works hard to keep your body weight within. Think of it like this…if you lower your set point weight, your body will no longer fight you to keep it within that ten-pound range. Instead, it will work with you. Our bodies work in a way that is similar to a sink. If a sink is clogged, it will still be clogged regardless of how much water you put in it, and it will continue to get backed up. Once you unclog that sink, you will have streaming water draining and it won’t overflow, much in the same way our bodies burn fat. To sum it up, your metabolism is very similar to the sink.

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