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What is Set Point Weight

Counting calories is amongst the biggest myth when it comes to succeeding at weight loss. Instead of focusing on the math involved in your caloric intake, it’s best to take a long, hard look at your set point weight, which is technically the ten-pound range that your body works hard to keep your body weight within. Think of it like this…if you lower your set point weight, your body will no longer fight you to keep it within that ten-pound range. Instead, it will work with you. Our bodies work in a way that is similar to a sink. If a sink is clogged, it will still be clogged regardless of how much water you put in it, and it will continue to get backed up. Once you unclog that sink, you will have streaming water draining and it won’t overflow, much in the same way our bodies burn fat. To sum it up, your metabolism is very similar to the sink.

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Post-baby Slim Down Tips

Losing weight after having a baby can sometimes be easier said than done. Whether you had a baby yesterday or several years ago, losing the excess weight can be challenging with all the additional demands in your life. For a first-time mom, it’s hard to know exactly what it will be like once the babe is born, and for most, self-care is the first thing to go. Here are three tips to lose that extra baby weight that has been clinging to your bod since your little one was birthed.

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How Your Organs Are Affected by An Extra 15lbs-Part 3

Too much of anything is never really a good thing, especially when it comes to your body. As we learned in the previous post, excess fat in the body can wreak havoc on our organs and how efficiently our body runs and recovers.

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How Your Organs Are Affected by An Extra 15lbs-Part 2

The more weight we carry, the more likely we are to struggle with physical ailments, due to the fact that extra weight means extra fat in the body. Visceral fat is the internal fatty tissue that covers the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas, and it is considered dangerously toxic in the human body. In most cases, a large amount of visceral fat is the result of a high-fat diet, and while you may think of it as an unmoving lump of lard, it is actually very active as it continuously pumps poison into the bloodstream. If this hasn’t made you change your mind about what you put into your body, then maybe you will be convinced when you hear what it does to your organs.  

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How Your Organs Are Affected by An Extra 15lbs

Losing just 15 pounds has proven to do wonders for all aspects of your health. Not only does it give you extra energy to get you moving, it also gives you more self-confidence, which in turn boosts your mental health. While these perks are enough of a reason to lose weight alone, there are some major bonuses for the inside of your body when you focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s great to show off our slim bods after we’ve shed a few pounds, never forget about how much better your organs will be working once you trim down. Here are some facts about what happens to your organs after weight loss, and we can assure you that it’s all good stuff. Let’s start out with your most fierce organ, the heart.


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Fight Inflammation In Joints with Cold Laser and Detox Therapy

One of the most common reasons why people suffer from joint inflammation, is due to excess body fat. According to research, there has been much co-relation between inflammation and obesity, which means that your best bet for staying pain-free is to maintain a healthy body weight. Diet and exercise play a major role in making sure that the weight stays off, another way to assist in the ongoing struggles of weight loss, is Cold Laser Therapy.


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