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Avoid Alcohol Related Health Issues: Part 2

Much in the same way that cigarettes were the norm back in the day, alcohol is the societal norm today. Because of this, we often overlook the harm that the substance is doing to our body. Here are a few more physical downsides to be aware of when you overdo it.     
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Avoid Alcohol Related Health Issues

With the majority of the population admittedly imbibing on alcoholic beverages regularly, overconsumption has become the norm. But how much is too much?  Most likely, the only time that you get questioned about your alcohol consumption is by your doctor during an annual checkup, however; the United States Preventive Services Task Force believes that doctors aren’t taking enough action when it comes to both screening and counseling adults on unhealthy drinking.
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Why Low Carb Diets Work

There have been many fad diets making headlines over the years, but the low-carb lifestyle seems to be the one that has stuck around the longest. The reason for this is simple…the lack of carbs leads to a revved-up metabolism, resulting in weight loss that will last if you stick with it. Once you get beyond the initial carb cravings, your body turns into a fat-burning machine and the thought of carbs will make you feel heavy and weighed down essentially making it even easier to omit them from your diet.  Here are a few reasons why low-carb diets are the go-to way to weight loss…

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