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How To Avoid Fat Shaming Pitfalls: Part 2

Fat-shaming is far too common in today’s society and unfortunately, few grown women are fully confident in their outside appearance. Here are some more tips for navigating your way around the negative self-talk that you’ve grown accustomed to.

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How To Avoid Fat Shaming Pitfalls


When it comes to our bodies, we can be our own worst enemy. Unfortunately, from the time we are young children, we learn how to talk poorly to ourselves, and over time, these words diminish our self-worth and confidence. Anytime you say that you “hate” a certain area of your body or you refer to food as the enemy, you are essentially fat-shaming yourself and you will end up identifying with what you are saying. Whether you are 20 or 70, it’s time to let go of the negative body talk and adopt more forgiving thoughts. Here are a few ways to get over the body-shaming obstacle and start living happily in the body you were blessed with.

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Tips For Aging Gracefully: Part 1


Unfortunately, we have yet to discover the famous fountain of youth, which means that it is up to us to embrace our age and accept where we are on the timeline of life. It’s time to succumb to the fact that you realistically cannot turn back the hand of time, but you most certainly can accept your age and allow your body and mind to change with dignity. Here are a few tips for aging gracefully.


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The Importance of Gut Health Part 2

As we learned in our previous post, having poor digestion can be a real pain in the gut, which is why it’s important to follow these tips for getting and keeping things moving…


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The Importance of Gut Health Part 1


When it comes to our bodies, we typically associate good health with steady blood pressure numbers, an acceptable body mass index (BMI), and a strong heart. However; there is a whole lot going in the depths of our bellies that contribute to our overall health. Having superb gut health is key to a high functioning digestive system and will even benefit your mental ability and mood. When it comes to the bacteria in your gut, there is both good and bad. The bad bacteria feeds on the bad stuff such as sugar and fat, and the good bacteria feeds on fiber, which happens to be a nutrient that only five percent of Americans get enough of. It is recommended that we get 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day, and any less will contribute to starving our good bacteria, which in turn, leads to insufficient digestion robbing us of the brain-boosting chemicals we need to flourish. Here are some tips for optimizing your digestive health…


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The Importance of Vitamin D & How to Know If You Are Deficient: Part 2


In Part 1 of our conversation around Vitamin D deficiency and how to know if you have it we discuss ways to identify possible deficiency. We share a few more below...

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The Importance of Vitamin D & How to Know If You Are Deficient: Part 1


We hear a lot about vitamin D deficiency during the winter months, and there is a good reason for that. Worldwide, an estimated one billion people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to osteoporosis, fatigue, back pain, depression, anxiety,  illness, muscle pain, and hair loss. Our bodies need 400-800 IU’s of vitamin D every day, however; some doctors are suggesting even more than that. Because this important vitamin is made from cholesterol when our skin is exposed to the sun, it can be kind of tricky to get the recommended amount during the winter months, when we are far less exposed to the sun.


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What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder and How Do You Treat It?

If you live in an area where you seldom see the sun during the winter months, then you’ve likely heard of seasonal affective disorder. Also known as SAD, this type of depression coincides with the seasons of the year. For most people, SAD symptoms start in the fall and last into the winter months, leaving you feeling down in the dumps and moody. To make matters worse, SAD will leave you with little energy that naturally affects your everyday life.


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Ways to Improve Your Memory: Part-2

Losing your memory can be a very frustrating thing, but it’s more common than you may think. If you’ve found yourself walking into a room, only to forget why you went into the room in the first place, you are not alone. As we age, our bodies go through a variety of different changes and brain function is no exception. We have a few more tips for keeping you on your toes when it comes to maintaining crystal clear thoughts.


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