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Lose up to 40 Pounds

In-Home Weight Loss Program  -  Look Better • Feel Better • Have More Energy

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"I liked the program and found it to be very effective. The diet is easy to follow, you get a lot of support from the staff and the detox reduces your cravings. The doctor is very knowledgeable; Dr.Restivo was able to customize the program where I was able to drastically reduce the insulin I needed. I lost 20 lbs on the detox and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to lose weight. I find this is the only diet that works for me."

- Tom C. Cortlandt Manor

"I loved dr . Restivo's program because not only did it help me lose a lot of weight fast and easy,but it gave me more energy throughout the day and a good night rest. It was very easy for me to be active and do many activities without feeling tired or having no energy. After finishing the program I feel like a whole new person and health wise I feel much better I used to have many problems with muscle cramps and acid reflux nervous stomach and difficulty breathing and etc. but this program helped me overcome all of those problems"

- CB Hopewell

Individual Results May Vary

Have You Tried Everything Possible to Drop the Weight and Still No Luck?
    • Eating all the right things and still seeing no weight loss?           
    • Struggling to lose 25 lbs or more?
    • Being tempted with foods by those around you?
    • Having problems keeping the weight off?
  • A comprehensive look at Dr. Restivo's unique program:

    Is stubborn fat keeping you from reaching your goals? Fad diets and extreme fitness programs will always leave you disappointed. You have to address the real causes of weight gain to lose weight fast. Dr. Donna Restivo can show you how to work with your body to lose weight and keep it off for good.

  • In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the following topics: 

    • Essential fat vs. non-essential fat 

    • How to cleanse the body of toxicity 

    • The essentials of a weight loss diet 

    • How Dr. Restivo’s program is different 

    • How to keep the weight off for the rest of your life

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  •  *Indvidual Results May Vary


Individual results may vary