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  • Weight Loss Program
  • Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program in NY

A woman losing weight with our wholistic weight loss program in, NY


Many people struggle for years with losing weight. Yo-yo dieting, lack of visible progress, and the stress of everyday life can all add up into a discouraging and difficult experience. But, there is an answer!

Becoming healthy, losing weight, and looking and feeling your best doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, it can be delicious!

Dr. Donna Restivo has crafted a unique, satisfying, and effective weight-loss program that can let you lose up weight. On top of a common-sense based, nutritious approach to an everyday diet, Dr. Restivo utilizes several treatment and supplement programs.


How Dr. Restivo’s Weight Loss Program Works

Dr. Donna Restivo’s weight loss program helps patients improve their organ function and may allow them to burn calories of non-essential fat.*
Amazingly, this program does not require you to cut out your favorite foods or drastically alter your diet.
Dr. Restivo’s delicious diet program is augmented by four additional elements:
- Cold Laser therapy – an enjoyable, relaxing treatment that may help with the dissolution of fat cells;*
- Ion therapy – a modern-day footbath which draws toxins out of the body;
- Vitamins and Supplements – Dr. Restivo’s special blend of vitamins and supplements which stimulate weight loss, energy, and vitality.

 The program consists of three phases, after your initial consultation and assessment of personal needs:

- Two weeks of preparatory transitioning and recalibrating. During this time, Dr. Restivo works with you to recalibrate your body and organ functions for optimal effect. Most patients begin to lose weight within a few days of beginning this stage.

- Diet monitoring. During this time, Dr. Restivo works with you to monitor your diet and your vitamin/supplement intake. The majority of weight loss occurs during this phase.

- Maintenance Phase: For several weeks after the diet ends, patients will be in a monitored maintenance phase with Dr. Restivo to ensure that their bodily function acclimates to their new metabolism.


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Ion Therapy Thumb

A natural and relaxing in-office cleanse that draws toxins and other harmful elements out of the body.


ColdLaser Thumb new

A painless and non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgeries, the cold laser drives fat out of their cells, allowing the body to dispose of it naturally.


Vitamins Supplements Thumbnail

A carefully planned regimen of natural elements designed to help cleanse the body and assist with weight loss.



Steak, chicken, fruits, veggies, fish, you name it – eat all of your own foods, and realize that losing weight can be fun, enjoyable, and delicious!

*Results depicted here are not necessarily typical, individual results may vary. This website does not provide medical advice. The statements and representations made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.