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  • cold laser


    Painless and Non-Invasive!
    Drive Fat Out of Your Cells!

  • cold Laser


    Painless and Non-Invasive!
    Drive Fat Out of Your Cells!

Cold Laser Therapy for Weight Loss, Body Sculpting and Health


Cold Laser Therapy is a new weight loss alternative that’s entirely painless, soothing, and relaxing – and best of all, it’s doesn’t feel cold! Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), the treatments work by targeting fat cells, and purging the fat out of them. The lymphatic system takes care of the rest, allowing the body to dispose of fat safely and naturally.

Until quite recently, cold laser therapy faced much skepticism as a reliable alternative to cosmetic weight loss surgeries, and indeed, as a solution to weight loss at all. But in June 2011, Louisiana State University conducted a study to examine the efficacy of Low-Level Laser Therapy. The results were undeniable. As the study noted “the girth loss from the waist gave clinically and statistically significant cosmetic improvement.”

As an added benefit, the purging of fat cells also disposes of stores of toxins, giving patients a surge of energy along with a healthy new body.

During the procedure, patients lay on a table, relaxing while the laser works quietly on them. Each session takes as little as nine minutes to complete while relaxing, and is entirely pain free and non-invasive. While it takes multiple sessions to see significant weight loss, results can be seen in as early as two weeks.

Cold Laser Therapy is not a cure all; like all weight loss programs, a healthy diet and lifestyle are required for the best results, and most importantly, to keep the weight off and maintain your good health. Dr. Donna Restivo has been  helping patients achieve wellness since 1983.

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A painless and non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgeries, the drives fat out of their cells, allowing the body to dispose of it naturally.

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Steak, chicken, fruits, veggies, fish, you name it – eat all of your own foods, and realize that losing weight can be fun, enjoyable, and delicious!

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