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Do any of their struggles sound familiar? Would you like to have a success story like any of these happy and fit people?

a new you in 40 days ebookVeronica: “I had been Yo-Yo-ing Up Down Up Down with the same 30 lbs for decades.  Enough was enough,  I was on a mission. By  Day 7 – (I was) DOWN 11 lbs !  Crazy right ?

I gave up the black stretchy pants and got on my jeans again … my skin looked clear and healthy.  I had NO Sugar Cravings. My mood was positive and my energy was increased.  By Day 30 I was DOWN 20 lbs.”

Steve: Steve was anxious, hungry all the time, using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea and concerned about needing diabetes medication.

He says, “I’ve lost 49 pounds in 56 days on Dr. Restivo’s program … I feel it’s reversed a lot of illnesses I had:  mood, joint stiffness, motivation and energy.  I do not need diabetes medication. “

Patty: “I joined the program because I was frustrated that even with exercise,  I wasn’t able to lose the extra weight.

Each day and week I felt healthier and stronger. I don’t get ups and downs of energy because my body is getting the nutrition it really craves.” Patty lost 49 pounds.

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